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Zaho, whose real name Zehira Darabid was born on 10 May 1980 between Algiers and Oran in a wealthy family, his father is a senior in a multinationnale and his mother a professor of research. His father encouraged him to open up the arts and attended classes at the Beaux-Arts in Algiers and then in Quebec when his family moved in 1999. But it is the music and especially hip-hop, rap and R'nB that she loves. It will slowly make its place among the great and participates in a few days to record or producer will notice and decide to give him his chance in 2008. The first album Zaho, "Dima" with the single "That Chelou" will immediately be successful with the public. With its diverse musical influences and diverse Zaho can boast of having conquered the hearts of thousands of fans and it has only begun since won the MTV Europe Music Awards in the category "Best French Artist 'and in parcipera the 2009 NRJ Music Awards.

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