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Gabby Young was born March 16, 1984 in Bath in the county of Wiltshire (United Kingdom). As a child she learned to play piano, violin, saxophone, and especially the song that shows his talent. Over the years it is perfected and moved to London where she begins to make a name in the music business. However, a thyroid cancer calls into question following his career in 2006. Gabby Young is fighting against the disease and within a few months she found her voice and new energy. It is surrounded by a band of musicians, Others Animals, to form a new band style jazz-tinged folk gypsy, pop, rock, all decorated with a touch of burlesque. The charisma, the look dress and the voice of Gabby Young makes Gabby Young And Other Animals in one group's flagship London scene. In 2009 the band recorded its debut album "We're All In This Together" that is experiencing tremendous success in the UK.

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