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Ycare, whose real name Assane Attié, was born September 21, 1983 in Dakar (Senegal). Passionate about music, he plays the harmonica and guitar since his teens. In 2008, during his stay in Paris to pursue his studies he decided to attend the casting of the New Star. Is selected to participate in the final phase of the program. Each week he surpasses and delivers outstanding performance full of theatricality and fantasy that will captivate the jury and the public. Yet Ycare did not win, but he found within himself, through this program, the feelings he did not know. He therefore decided to engage seriously in music. Ycare in 2009 released his first album. A picture of a young man, the ten tracks are full of originality in the lyrics and music electro-acoustic rocking gently carries the listener into the unique world of Ycare.

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