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Charlie Winston was born in 1978 in Cornwall (United Kingdom), but grew up in the hotel from its parent to Bungay in Suffolk. The whole family, two brothers and his sister (Tom Baxter, made a successful career since 2004), is cradled by the music and young Charlie is no exception. Very young, he learned piano and shows great ability to compose. This musical vein that will operate at some time before they have twenty years of ballet music, movies and theaters. Thereafter it will rise the Charlie And The Oxymoron Winston, with whom he will release the album "Make Away"

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Having noticed the talent of the young man, Peter Gabriel asked him to ensure his party for his first tour in 2007. Charlie Winston is contacted by the label Atmospheric who offered him to record an album. "Hobo" released in early 2009 and will immediately appeal to the public with the title "Like A Hobo". It must be said that the folk-rock music of the album is well controlled at all levels (composition, arrangement, text, voice, etc.).. The recipe for success for Charlie Winston.

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