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The TTC Group was born from the meeting Tido Berman, Teki Latex and Cuizinier the late ninety in Paris (France). It's the initials of the three members who will give the name to the group. The trio released their first EP in 1999 and is a slow one name on the French rap scene by bringing new life to this music. This experimental side which will allow TTC released his first album in 2002 "This Is Not A Disk". With this album, brings together an inclusive public eager for novelty. In 2004, new album, "Sensitive Bastards" which will surprise the side provided with electronic music and the misogynist side second degree given text. Taxes still managed to surprise his fans in 2006 with "Taxes 3615" an album closer to the general public or rap and pop together with texts always filled with adult humor characteristic of TTC.

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