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Rokia Traoré was born on 24 January 1974 in central Beledougou Mali. With his father a diplomat, Rokia Traore will grow in several countries (Algeria, France, Belgium, etc..) And will be able to take care of various cultures. Thanks to his mother that the girl accompanied during wedding, Rokia discovered traditional music of his country. She falls in love and decides to make a career in music. She decides to move closer to his roots to make a music mixing traditional Malian music featured a modern Western.

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His first album, "Mouneïssa", released in 1998 set the tone and a great future for the young woman. His next two albums, "Wanita" in 2000 and "Bowmboï in 2003, in the same vein as the first Rokia Traore will install into the international arena. In 2008 with his new opus "Tchamantché" adds a touch of jazz in his music and can be proud to deliver nine essential.

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