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The Ting Tings are a group born from the meeting of Jules De Martino and Katie White in 2006 in Manchester (United Kingdom). Jules is taking its first steps in music in the mid-eighties as a member of a Christian group. Thereafter, he embarked on the indie-pop singer and became the group Mojo Pin in the mid-twenty-ten. Katie, in turn is a member of a group of girl who will never hear about. When Katie and Jules meet in 2006, as current flows between them. The duo composed his first songs with Jules on drums and vocals and Katie on vocals and guitar. The success came in 2008 for the group when one of their title is selected for an advertisement of the Ipod: "Shut Up And Let Me Go Ting Tings released their first album in May 2008:" We Started Nothing ". Pop electro-group quickly attracted the public and the album rose to head of sales in the United Kingdom.

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