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Maura Tierney was born on 3 February 1965 in Boston, Massachusetts (United States). Child, she is attracted to the profession of acting and will continue following his dream of studying drama at New York University where she graduated. Soon, it rises on the boards of several theaters in the megalopolis. Yet success is not to go and Maura was difficult to penetrate. It gives a new direction to his career passing of castings for television. She made her first steps before the cameras in 1987 and will enchainer some filming for television and film until 1995.

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That year, she was hired to interpret the role of Lisa Miller in the "News FM. His career finally took off and Maura Tierney. It is found in movies alongside Richard Gere in "Primal Fear" or Jim Carrey in "Liar, Liar". In 1999, she became the nurse Abby Lockhart in the series "Emergency" and left the series after nine years in 2008. This role allows him to be spotted by several directors who hired him for the film. In 2009/10 it will be on display for three films and became the heroine of the series "Parenthood (2009)" which portrays the daily life of a midwestern family.

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