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Rachid Taha was born September 18, 1958 to Sig (Algeria). These parents moved to France when he was ten years old, but he does not abandon its roots, however. He has a passion for music and singing, but earns his living by working as a laborer. In the early eighties, he met Mohammed and Moktar will change his life. The three men go up the group "Living Map" that will know a good success. The resumption of the title of Charles Trenent "Douce France" will top the group's success in 1986. In 1991, Rachid Taha launches solo and released his first album "Barbie". Throughout the album, Rachid proves a complete artist who does not hesitate to tap into each culture to create his own style. From rock to rai, techno or the chaâbi from punk to pop, Rachid Taha is a key to any engineering which over the album still manages to surprise its audience, without ever leaving his roots. With his eighth studio album, "Hello," Rachid Taha in 2009 offers a new trip not to miss in his universe.

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