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Regina Spektor was born on 18 February 1980 in Moscow (Russia). His family left Russia in 1989 to settle in New York. That's where Regina is taking its first steps in music by playing in bars in the United States but also in Europe. It multiplies the odd jobs, but want to live in his music. In 2001, she recorded her first album "11:11", next year "Songs." The "Kings Of Leon" commitment to ensure the first parts of his concerts in Europe and then the "Strokes" to tour the USA. Regina Spektor begins to find fame and his third studio album "Soviet Kitsch".

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If the album has no tube media, the fact remains that Regina Spektor is the best of it on this album filled with emotion and creates an audience of fans. Often compared to Kate Bush and Björk for her voice and Norah Jones for her piano melodies votes, not Regina Spektor resembles any other. In 2006, she released "Begin To Hope" which will sell more than four hundred thousand copies. In 2009, Regina Spektor is back with "Far". This album of thirteen tracks is again filled with melancholy and euphoric emotions always bursting with freshness and originality as the first day. A wonderful artist to discover.

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