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Jordin Sparks was born December 22, 1989 in New York (United States) but grew up in Arizona where his family settled after Jordin's father has retired from professional football. Child, Jordin is attracted by the arts. It's theater and also works as a model, but it's the song that attracts. She participates in several regional programs and in 2007 she enrolled in the casting of American Idol. She charmed the jury and wins thanks to his exceptional voice. In the wake of his victory, Jordin Sparks recorded her eponymous debut album and knows a great success. She has the honor of singing the American national anthem at the Super Bowl in 2008, increasing its visibility. In 2009, Jordin Sparks returns with its second opus, "Battlefield", a mixture of pop and ballads that Jordin's voice is once again wonders.

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