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The group Sonata Arctica was born from the meeting of Tony Kakko (vocals, keyboards), Tommy Portimo (drums) of Pentti Peura (bass), Jani Liimatainen (guitar) and Marko Paasikoski (guitar) in 1996 in Kemi (Finland ). The group's name at this time is Tricky Beans, it was only in 1999 that the name of Sonata Arctica is adopted. From 1996 to 1999, the group just to make themselves known, but he recorded several demos for its promotion. The music of power metal band eventually attract a record label and the band's first album ( "Ecliptica") was released in 1999. Sonata Arctica provides the first parts of Stratovarius and Alice Cooper allowing it to be widely known.

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In 2001 with his second album, "Silence" Sonata Arctica itself as one of the leading groups in its style of music. Between touring and recording studio Sonata Arctica is on all fronts. The pace eventually tire some members leaving the group. In 2007, more than three members of the historical group Tony Kakko Tommy Portimo and Marko Paasikoski (which is low since 2000), Henrik Klingenberg (keyboards) and Elias Viljanen (guitar) complete the training. With the album "Unia" in 2007, Sonata Arctica removed the style that has proven so successful in bringing a more symphonic in its music. In 2009 Sonata Arctica continues to explore this music more calmly with his seventh studio album "The Day Of Grays".

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