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Soan, his name is Faya, was born May 4, 1981. Of family discord pushed him to leave his family at age seventeen. He toured France and earns his living by singing in the street. It consists in a directory style is dark and musical meetings that allow it to improve his technique. Yet, he ends up feeling cramped in this Bohemian life in the aftermath random. In early 2009, he participated in the cast of "New Star". Her look does not attract attention of the producers of the show and its first benefits are not broadcast on television. But the jury discovered in Soan interesting a singer and chose to attend the finals of the show. Over the premium times the young man, sometimes provocative (he smokes a cigarette live on television) and always rebellious captivated audiences with his talent for interpretation. Soan wins in June 2009. In the process, he recorded his first album released in November of that year.

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