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Sim, whose real name Simon Jacques Berryer Eugene, was born July 21, 1926 at Cauterets in the Hautes-Pyrenees (France). He grew up in Britain where his father works as an engineer. After the Second World War, he became cinema operator. Soon the urge to go on stage takes. He moved to Paris and a tour of this song from 1953. Between cabaret and television for children Sim slowly gaining in notoriety. But it was in the seventies he will know a great success playing in several TV series and playing skits on TV. He even threw in the song and gets a huge hit with the title "My gray shirt" in 1978.

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From 1977 he became an important member of the radio show "The Big Heads". His comedy is fly and he plays to his face laughing. Torn between the comedy in film or television drama, radio and writing several books Sim becomes one of the key figures of French comedy. Despite his age he continues to participate in the filming of several episodes of the series "Louis La Brocante", but September 6, 2009, he died of a pulmonary embolism. Farewell to the artist.

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