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September, whose real name Petra Marklund Eos was born on 12 September 1984 in Stockholm (Sweden). Child, she demonstrated a talent for music that will develop by taking courses in singing. It comes soon enough to outperform other students in his courses and takes dream to follow a musical career. It includes a group which, unfortunately, will not succeed. The first step towards the professional world it can be done to identify and record their first single in 2003. The sales figure reach an honorable Sweden, which enables September released her first album the following year (2004). With his second album "In Orbit", in 2006, the career of the girl will take off.

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Its title "Cry for You" rose to the tops of the hits of many European countries and in thousands of young people in the world. Three other tracks from the album will be extracted and also runs a fine. It must be said that dance music is September own products, the charisma of the beautiful blonde enough to do the rest. In 2008, the new album "Dancing Shoes" which once again heats up the nights in Sweden and other countries with the title "Can not Get Over".

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