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Sefyu, whose real name is Youssef Soukouna born 20 juin1981 parent of Senegalese origin. Child, it shows large provisions for sport and particularly football. He envisions a time to make a career in this sport, but it will never be professional. Regardless, Sefyu has the resource and converts it into the music and especially rap. In early 2000, he joined the group "NCC" is slow and its place in the middle of French rap.

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It works with big names like rap Rohff, Sniper or Passi and in 2005 he released his first street CD "Molotov 4". The artist is launched and the following year released his first album "Who Am I" which will quickly drive gold. In 2008 with the album "Am I my brother's keeper" Sefyu strike a blow in French rap and won thanks to this album a Victoire de la Musique in the category Artist of the Public Revelation. A great reward for this young man who does not place showing in his face, out of respect for those who struggle to make themselves known.

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