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Patrick Sébastien, whose real name Boutot Patrick, was born on 14 November 1953 in Brive-la-Gaillarde in Correze (France). Teenager, he dreamed of becoming a rugby player, but his comic side takes over. He moved to Paris to study literature, but to perform in cabarets where he presented a spectacle of imitation. The early seventies was a period of hell for Patrick Sébastien. Between cabarets that do not pay and jobs at the Halles de Paris, he must earn a living for himself and his son Sébastien was born in 1971 (died in 1990 in a motorcycle accident).

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Finally, luck smiled on him in 1976 when he was invited in several television shows. His innate sense of imitation is one of the favorites of French comedy. In the early eighties, Patrick Sébastien becomes presenter and host of his television shows ( "Carnival", "Farandole", "Sébastien, it's crazy", etc.).. He brings a breath of fresh air emissions varieties diverting its guests for their usual roles. The festive side of television by Patrick Sébastien is unquestionable and to prolong the happiness, he recorded regularly since the early years, two miles of festive music albums. Some of his titles have become unavoidable family celebrations ( "The Turn Towels," Le Petit Bonhomme En Mousse "" Ah, If You Could Shut the fuck ...", etc.). In addition to making TV and sing, Patrick Sébastien, always a fan of rugby, is also President of the Athletic Club Brive Corrèze Limousin since 2007. Patrick Sébastien is also a writer and has published several books often autobiographical. In 2007, under the name Joseph Lubsky it releases thriller "The Cell Zarkane" which should be up to the big screen in 2009.

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