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Raphael Saadiq, whose real name was Charlie Ray Wiggins, was born on 14 May 1966 in Oakland, California (USA). He learned music from the age of six years. At school he will participate in several small groups and discovering a passion. In 1988, with his brother and a cousin, he founded the group Tony! Toni! Tone! which will be the spearhead of the New Jack Swing music (a mixture of hip-hop, hard rock and R'n'B) until the mid-90s. Raphael Saadiq left the group in 1996 and set up a new project more R'n'B, Lucy Pearl, which will give rise to a self-titled album in 2000 before disappearing. Raphael this time abandoning the project group and began solo.

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He released his first album, "Instant Vintage" in 2002. Hailed by critics, the album was nominated five times for Grammy Awards and met a good success with the public in the R'n'B music Raphael leaving the beaten track. In 2004, sort "Ray Ray" which contains the same ingredients, but in 2008 with "The Way I See It" that Raphael Saadiq is a great coup. He manages to create on this album the ambience of the Motown records of the 60s. Beautiful orchestrations, groove, energetic voice gives a particular atmosphere to the whole thing and make this a future classic album.

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