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Demis Roussos, whose real name Artemios Ventouris Roussos was born on 15 June 1946 in Alexandria (Egypt) of parents of Greek origin. He learned music theory, guitar and trumpet and sang for five years in the choir Orthodox Alexandria. In 1961, his parents left Egypt to return to their homeland: Greece. To help her family Removed plays trumpet in the night clubs of the capital. In 1963 he formed his first group "The Idols" in which he takes the bass and vocals. Music quickly becomes the most important thing for Removed and his meeting with Vangelis in 1966. Both men realize that their careers can take off and outside of Greece and decided to leave for London. In the hearts of events of May 1968, their journey ends in Paris.

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Still, the group approach record labels and signed a contract under the name Aphrodite's Child. The group will immediately be successful with the title "Rain And Tears". The group released three albums before disbanding in 1972. Demis Roussos continued his solo career. If he knows a good success, it abandons not the sort France and tubes regularly in English and french ( "My Only Fascination", "When I love you", etc..) Until the late eighties. It is going to take a long time to empty and it was not until 2009 to find Demis Roussos album with a fresh ( "Demis"), recorded with a young team and electronic fireworks.

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