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Prince, whose real name Prince Rogers Nelson was born on 7 June 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (United States) of a construction worker father and a mother employed by social services. His father, in his spare time, playing in various jazz clubs in Minneapolis and sometimes accompanies her mother to sing. The love of music must be genetic, because Prince formed his first group (Grand Central) in 1973. The group knows success and allows Honorable Prince of detection by Pepe Willie, who wishes to enter into the studio to record an album with a group training "94East". Prince made his first steps in a studio at the age of 16 sessions to record guitars which will see the day that many years later when it will be known as "94 East featuring Prince. Although this project is no action, experience seduces Prince and early 1976, he leads his group in the studio.

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Here, Prince steals the scene quickly and is now working for a solo project. He records a demo of fourteen tracks on which he holds all the instruments and went to New York with the firm intention to conquer the world. It is a failure. Back in Minneapolis, Prince is a manager that he landed his first contract with Warner Bros.. "For You" was released in 1978 and like all these discs Prince control the whole chain of production component, arranging and playing all instruments. Inexhaustible worker, he released an album a year and knows the international success in 1984 with the film "Purple Rain". A sort of autobiography in which he composed the soundtrack won an Oscar. His music, blending rock, jazz and funk attracted a large audience who will unfortunately be lost in the early eighties-dix when Prince is in conflict with their record. He no longer wishes to bring his stage name and decided to be appointed by a graphic symbol. The press and the public struggle to rename the artist who will be dressed several pseudonyms (Love Symbol, TAFKAP for "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince", which translates as "The artist formerly known as Prince"). In 2000, the contract with Warner ends and allows Prince to take his name. Echaudé by the conflict with Warner, Prince decides to entrust the distribution of his works to the majors. It will go even further by distributing itself at the entrance to the concert album "Musicology" in 2004 then "Planet Earth" in 2008. For this album he signed a contract with a French weekly that is distributed with the magazine, three million copies of the disc. With over one hundred million albums sold, Prince is a major figure in modern music and it is not ready to stop.

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