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Pep's, whose real name Florian Peppuy, was born in 1981 in Grenoble (France). He studied trombone at age six, then a teenager, he staged the "recycling" with a group of friends. At eighteen, he moved to Paris. Within two years he will build a solid experience in playing in the bars, the street and every place imaginable. In 2001, back in his hometown, Pep's will set up a group to which he gave his name as username. Pep's defined his music as rock'accousta'funk, a mix that will make its way slowly but surely.

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The group recorded the CD six titles "Follow The Flo" and will hone his repertoire, giving over 300 concerts in two years. In 2003, the group recorded the album "Au Sourire De L'âme" and continues to ensure the promotion stage in France. Pep's has created a network of fans, but the album "Dans Le Décor Utopias" will exceed the expectations of the group with the title "Freedom" which cartonne and allowing the group to broaden its audience.

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