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The group Paramore was born at Franklin in Tennessee (United States) in 2004 to meet Hayley Williams (singer born on 27 December 1988), Jeremy Davis (bass, born 08 February 1985), Zac Farro (drummer, born 04 June 1990), Josh Farro (guitar, born 29 September 1987) and Hunter Lamb (second guitarist who quit the group in 2007). The group began to occur in Nashville where he will quickly acquire a good reputation which will allow it to broaden its scope of action and browse the USA. Identified by an independent label, they may get their first album in 2005 "All We Know Is Falling".

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The sound pop-punk-rock of Paramore will immediately tilt and the group embarks on a promotional tour in America, but also in Europe (Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom, etc.). For their second album, " Riot! " released in 2007, the group uses the same recipes that rock for the last. Paramore is one of the leading bands of youth and the producers of the film "Twilight" not doing wrong and asked him to compose two songs ( "I Caught Myself" and especially "Decode") for the soundtrack of the film.

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