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Cynthia Nixon was born on 9 April 1966 in New York (United States). She made her first on stage when she is in college. She finds great pleasure in these early experiences and took drama courses to improve his game She made some appearances in movies and on television in the early eighties. But it's on Broadway it will make the most of his career. In 1982, she played with Sarah Jessica Parker in a mini series. The two women find themselves much later to meet with success with the series "Sex And The City". Cynthia Nixon plays a brilliant lawyer (Miranda Hobbes) in this series and get this role through the recognition of the public and the profession which he received Tony Award and an Emmy Award.

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The series ends in 2004, but Cynthia finds her friends turning in "Sex And The City: The Movie" in 2008. In 2009, despite having had two children Danny Mozes in 1996 and 2002, Cynthia Nixon announces that it becomes engaged to his girlfriend Christine Marinoni. The two women plan to marry soon. Meanwhile, Cynthia Nixon will be on display for the second part of the film "Sex And The City" in 2010.

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