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Quentin Mosimann was born on 14 February 1988 in Geneva (Switzerland). But following the divorce of his parents, he grew up in France. He discovered music at the age of four years on a battery, and then totally cracks when his father offered him a synthesizer three years later. Passion for jazz and electronica music, it occurs once in 2005 as a DJ in several clubs of the French Riviera under the pseudonym John Louly. In 2007, it is the casting of star academy 7 and retained. He says his style and soon the public became enchanted with the beautiful kid. With the support of all these fans Quentin Mosimann won the show and especially the privilege to release a first album. This is done in August 2008 with double album "Duel" that bears its name, is a CD dedicated to jazz and repeated the other to the electronica music. The result is surprising and does not leave as quickly indiférrent gold record, a great reward for this young singer with a promising future.

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