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Eddy Mitchell, whose real name Claude Moine was born July 3, 1942 in Paris (France). He discovered very early a passion for America, a cinema and rock music. At the age of fourteen he formed his first group. In the early sixties, the band signed with a record company and see rename "The Black Socks. The group's success, even if ephemeral, will be enormous and allows Eddy to launch a solo career in 1963. He was voted one album and became like Johnny Hallyday one of the stars of French rock.

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In the early eighties, Eddy Mitchell, who has already had some experience in the cinema during the sixties launches into the business of acting. From the musical "Emilie Jolie" in 1980 at the consecration by Caesar in 1996 in "Le Bonheur Est Dans Le Pre" Eddy Mitchell shows an enormous talent as an actor and the filmmakers do not hesitate to call on him. Torn between cinema and song, Eddy Mitchell announces the release of his album "Big Screen" that the tour following this album will be his last. But fans can rest assured, Schmoll does not abandon his fans and continue to record albums and play movies.

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