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Miłów, whose real name Jonathan Vandenbroeck, was born on 14 July 1981 in Belgium. He noted during a competition organized by the Belgian magazine HUMO in 2004. If he does not win, however, he finally closed and opens doors to the professional world of music. Author-composer, Miłów will work to write his first album released in 2006: "The Bigger Picture". The single "You Do not Know" will meet with a success and help develop its Miłów pop-folk. His second album ( "Coming Of Age"), as the first self-released in 2008. New successes noted Miłów by a record company. Miłów's career exploded at an international level and his first album out. Containing titles of his previous two albums plus some new features like the amazing cover of "Ayo Technology" 50 Cent duet and Justin Timberlake. Miłów with his guitar and his beautiful ballads he opens wide the doors to a promising musical future.

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