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Method Man, whose real name Clifford Smith, was born on 1st April 1971 in Hempstead in New York (United States). The separation of his parents and disturb know it is difficult adolescence between tomorrow without jobs or money for drugs. Writing and hip-hop are his true passions. It is quickly noticed for his lyrics and his flow and become a member of the collective Wu-Tang Clan in the early ninety-ten. The group will release five albums between 1993 and 2007 on which Method Man is always present. But in that solo Method Man will get the greatest success.

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By 1994, with his first album "Tical" he strikes a blow. The album sold over a million copies and marks the beginning of a long success. Alongside the music Method Man also tries to cinema. Since 1997, he toured in a dozen films, roles more or less close to what it represents in vie.En 1999 meeting of the two rappers, Method Man and Redmann gives an astonishing result on the album " Blackout. " Both will therefore regularly work together to deliver some of the pages of most American rap. In 2009, the lascars them out the album "Blackout! 2" in 2010 and Method Man returns to solo with "Crystal Method".

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