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Benoît Magimel was born on 11 May 1974 in Paris of a nurse mother and a father bank employee. It is in 13 years that the little prodigy landed his first role in the cult film "La Vie est un Long Fleuve Tranquille". It was then that awakens in him a certain passion for cinema, he decided to devote himself to what would become for him a vocation, that of actor. It plays the following roles of teenagers, unfortunately unknown to the general public, then made numerous television appearances in television movies such as "Les Enfants de Lascaux", Mauritius Bunio, "False Brothers", by Vincent Martorana or in "The Italian technician, Marcel Bluwal, or" Long Course "by Alain Tasma will be his ultimate TV for the small screen in 1995. The same year the fans of Benedict found in "The Only Girl," in which he played the boyfriend of Virginie Ledoyen.

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His lovely face, with childish, it will assert the role of a young Polish film by Florent Emilio Siri "A Moment of Silence." Any other person for any other film ( "Les Enfants du siècle") in which he plays Alfred de Musset alongside Juliette Binoche and George Sand.
In 2000, the brilliant actor is determined to find a place in the heart of French cinema, then we find the poster for "Le Roi Danse", "Lisa" and "According to Matthew." This same year that Juliette Binoche give a little girl, the French couple the most glamorous appoint Hannah.
After many years of work, the actor angelic face is finally rewarded, he won the Palme in 2001 for Best Actor at Cannes for his performance in "The Pianist". Steals from success to success as in "Les Chevaliers Du Ciel" in 2005 or "The Girl Cut In Two" in 2007 and in 2009/10 it will be on view in "The Advocate" and "permanent" and least four other films.

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