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Annie Lennox was born on 25 December 1954 in Scotland. Precocious child, she is studying in a school for gifted children. Attracted by the music, she joined the Royal Academy of Music in London where she will learn the flute. Yet to the song it will move towards the late seventies, becoming singer of "The Tourist". His encounter with Dave Stewart at the turn of the eighties will give new impetus to his career. Together they form the Eurythmics. The text and its music, they will be one of the major contributors of tubes of the eighties ( "Sweet Dreams", "Here Comes The Rain Again", "There Must Be An Angel", etc..).

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In 1991 the duo split and Annie Lennox began a solo career leaving the following year the album "Diva". The audience joins immediately, thanks to the single "Why" will know a good success. Even success three years later with the album "Medusa". In 1999, the reform, the time of an album ( "Peace") the duo Eurythmics. In 2004, she wrote the title "Into The West" from the third chapter of the trilogy of "Lord Of The Rings" and receives the Oscar for Best Song for this composition. Artist rare Annie Lennox released her albums at an average rate of one every four years. The latest "Songs Of Mass Destruction" released in 2007 contains some rare gems as "Dark Road" or "Sing". Annie Lennox is still a diva of pop-music.

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