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Catherine Lara, whose real name Catherine Bodet, was born on 29 May 1945 in Poissy (France). She began learning the violin at the age of five years and discovered a real passion for this instrument. A graduate of the Conservatory of Versailles in 1958, she continued her studies at the Conservatoire National de Paris where she was released in 1966 with the first prize for chamber music. Just graduated, she formed his first orchestra to chamber music, Les Musiciens de Paris. In the early seventies, it gives a new direction to his career by creating the Quartet Lara accompanying singers like Nougaro, Françoise Hardy and Nana Mouskouri. Meet these artists want him to record his own compositions and in 1972, Catherine Lara, released his first album: "Ad Libitum".

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During the seventies, it will say his style more and more rock to reach in 1979 with the album "Coup D'Feel" to the album "Diamonds From rocker. Catherine Lara becomes a singer incontournable the early eighties and is rewarded with a Victoire de la Musique in the category Best Actress in 1986 for the album "Night Magic". After releasing eight albums in the eighties, Catherine Lara is rarer in the future. However, it does not leave the scene because it participates actively in associations "Les Restos Du Heart", "Sidaction" and "Sol En Si. These last two associations allow him to claim his homosexuality. Each new album by Catherine Lara meets with hits like "Aral" in 2000 or more recently "Pass Me The Sky" in which it is still an important place on the violin.

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