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La Roux is a duo born from the meeting of Elly Jackson (vocals) and Ben Langmaid (keyboard) in 2006 in the United Kingdom. It is mainly the singer, born 8 March 1988 in the suburbs of London, who lends his androgynous image to the group. Ben Langmaid for his co-sign and co-produced the songs of the group and keeps the keyboard, it has a solid experience in the music as he worked with the group Faithless. Meet Elly and Ben first gives rise to an acoustic project under the name "Automan" without much success. As to measure their writing session, the two friends refer more to their music style electro-pop inspired eighties. This time the public and follows the duo La Roux a board with the first single "Quicksand" in late 2008. The duo numerous appearances and provides the first parts of Lily Allen. La Roux also participates in many festivals. In June 2009 released the first album of La Roux. The band's music and originality of the voice of the singer make the first a huge success in the United Kingdom and in many other countries.

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