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Cudi Kid, whose real name Scott Seguro Mescudi Ramon was born on 30 January 1984, Shaker Heights, Ohio (USA). At fifteen years, is stored on a karaoke machine in the basement of one of his buddies. He quickly took the game and decides to go live in New York, the city where everything is possible and where a young rapper can break more easily than in Ohio. There he will make decisive encounters that will enable it to record his first mixtape "A Kid Named Cudia" in 2008. With the title "Day 'n' Nite" Kid Cudi is recognized by magazines like "Rolling Stone" or "Complex", but also by other rappers like Kanye West who asks him to participate on his album "808s & Heartbreak ". Within a few years Cudi Kid has managed to make a name in the world of rap and his first album ( "Man on the Moon: The Guardians") was released in 2009.

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