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Keziah Jones, whose real name Sanyaolu Olufemi, was born on 1st October 1968 in Lagos (Nigeria). His family moved to England while still a child. He took his first music lessons at the age of thirteen learning the piano and guitar. In the early ninety-ten, he played his compositions in the Paris Metro for a living. There he was noticed by a manager of a record company who offered him to sign a contract. In 1992, he released his first album "Blufunk Is A Fact". The blufunk is the name of the musical style that Keziah Jones has created a mixture of funk, soul and blues. The title "Rhythm Is Love" event a huge success and launched the career of Keziah Jones. Thereafter, he released two albums, "African Space Craft" and "Liquid Sunshine" that will know less successful and it was not until 2003 and the publication of "Black Orpheus" to find a Keziah Jones in top form. In 2008 for his fifth studio album ( "Nigerian Wood"), Keziah Jones resumed revenue that made him a unique artist to deliver thirteen tracks elegant and effective.

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