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JoeyStarr, whose real name is Didier Morville, born October 27 1967 in Saint-Denis Seine-Saint-Denis (France). His father, authoritarian and violent it actually see all the colors. The young Didier drift towards crime, school results are bad, and he takes drugs. In the midst hip-hop, he meets Bruno Lopes and they will breaker in Paris. Her visit to the army in 1985 will be another test and once released from his military duties, he left his father and fled society to take refuge in the underground corridors and catacombs. During this period he wrote his first texts with Bruno Lopes.

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The two are their nicknames JoeyStarr and Kool Shen NTM and the name for their services. They made their first step on Radio Nova and give their first concerts in 1990. The group's first album released in 1991 and will cause a huge success for the group to score France with his rap. After four studio albums and dozens of concerts, the band split in 2001. Joeystar who has problems with the law over the past few years many concerns and is regularly condemned for attacks. Prevent these problems to concentrate on his career and it was not until 2006 to find it on his first solo album "At the Gare Jaguarr. His voice is wonderful and éraillée on texts that will provide powerful a huge success in this album. In 2008, NTM reforming the time of a tour that will make a card and play sold out. A nice return to the stage for JoeyStarr.

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