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Yves Jamait was born October 28, 1961 in Dijon (France). He studied as a cook and not discover music until adolescence. The guitar is primarily a hobby for him and he earns his living by working as a cook, laborer in construction and other small businesses. But leisure becomes a passion and Yves Jamait formed his first group "Towards glass" in the late nineties. The group, which changed its name to be called now "Jamait" recorded "Towards glass" in 2001. The success is not immediate, but through perseverance and concerts, the group will eventually become known. The lyrics of Yves Jamait reaches an audience of more and more theaters are becoming increasingly important. In 2006 Yves Jamait released his second album "The Poppy" and then in 2008 "I accidentally". In the same vein of French variety, Yves Jamait us transporterdans continues its history of everyday life and is always so pleasant.

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