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Michael Jackson was born on 29 August 1958 in Gary (Indiana - USA). It is the seventh in a family of nine children that the father will push music. In 1969, he sang with his brothers in the Jackson Five is quickly becoming the darling of the public. This popularity allows him to pursue, in parallel to the group, a solo career. If the first album Michael Jackson does not leave huge memories, his meeting with Quincy Jones in 1978 will be decisive for the rest of his career. The following year, the album "Off the Wall" marks the entrance of Michael Jackson in the sacred temple of the big sellers. "Off the Wall" will sell more than 15 million copies and is a prelude to the amazing "Thriller" that will explode all records since 1982 and ended more than 100 million. Tubes "Billie Jean" "Beat It" and "Thriller" with their amazing clips provide more doubt to the success of the album which will be awarded to the four corners of the world.

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In 1987 Michael released the album "Bad" which also goes cartonner with nine titles to be published in single and almost as many tubes. The album "Bad" marks the end of the close collaboration between Michael and Quincy Jones. Yet the next album by Michael ( "Dangerous" in 1991) meet a beautiful success, but not match previous records of the artist. With "HIStory - Past, Present, and Future: Book 1" a double album in 1995, "Blood On The Dance Floor" remix album in 1997 or "Invincible" in 2001 Michael Jackson is still one of the top global. Yet his popularity rating fall because of gloomy affairess sex, multiple surgical operations to change his appearance or his way of raising her children. But whatever you say Michael Jackson is and will remain for a long time "The King Of Pop" because it is not possible to remove his immense talent. In 2009, he had to make his return on stage, but a heart attack on June 25 foudroie 2009. With the death of Michael Jackson is an era of pop music that disappears.

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