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George Harrison was born on 25 February 1943 in Liverpool (United Kingdom) a bus driver father and a mother at home. Teenager, he is fascinated by Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley and teaches guitar. He formed his first rock band ( "The Rebel") with his brother Peter. This is his reunion with Paul McCartney that will determine its future. McCartney and John Lennon are training a group, and George was engaged as solo guitarist in 1958 in the "Quarrymen. The group changed its name in 1960 to become the Beatles. The group toured Germany and Liverpool, where he prowls his music and his technique before in 1963 becoming a worldwide phenomenon. In the early years of the group, George is happy to interpret the titles Lennon / Cartney and not composed of little pieces. Starting from 1966, with the album "Revolver" George Harrison brings his personal touch to the groups and become full-fledged composer.

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Largely inspired by Oriental culture, George Harrison discovered transcendental meditation and a passion for India and the philosophy of this country. When the Beatles decided to separate in 1970 George Harrison had already released two solo albums and several compositions are pending. His first solo album post-Beatles was released in November 1970. "All Things Must Pass" is a huge success especially with the title "My Sweet Lord." His next album ( "Living in the Material World") has almost as great success. In 1976 after the excellent "Thirty Three & 1 / 3", will be increasingly rare. In 1978, his second wife, Olivia Trinidad Arias, give him a son, Dhani. After the death of John Lennon in 1981, George Harrison found some time for the favors of the public with the single "I, Me, Mine." After "Cloud Nine" in 1987, George will come out more studio albums, but he will participate with other artists in many projects with Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, etc.. In 1997, he was suffering from throat cancer, he announced in 1998 to be healed, but he died on 29 November 2001. He worked at the recording of his last album ( "Brainwashed") which will be released a few months after his death.

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