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Calvin Harris was born January 17, 1984 in Dumfries, Scotland (United Kingdom). He has been singing since he was a teenager and recorded some songs in the early two miles. He moved to London where he hopes to succeed, but alas, luck did not smile. He then decides to put his music on the Internet. Thus he is spotted by a record company who asked him to sign a contract. The debut of Calvin Harris was released in 2007. "I Created Disco" is an album of electroclash music largely inspired by the music of the eighties. Success is more honorable and Calvin Harris provides the first parts of Faithless and Groove Armada and was hired to produce some tracks on Kylie Minogue. In 2009, he returned with its second album, "Ready For The Weekend" which includes the same ingredients as in his musical opus precedent. The public loves and the album is top of UK charts in its first week of sales thanks in part in training "I'm Not Alone".

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