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Tom Hanks was born on 9 July 1956 in Concord, California (United States). His parents divorced in 1961 and Tom lives with his father's itinerant cook. His father enchaine removals and marriages, which confuses the young Tom a child who is shy and reserved. He overcomes his shyness by taking courses in drama and plays in drama school. He moved to Sacramento where he landed a role in a play and he meets his future wife Samantha Lewes that gives a child in 1977 (they also have a daughter in 1982). It is part of the organization of theater in Cleveland. End of 1979, Tom Hanks feels ready for Broadway and its many theaters. He plays in a few plays and is especially an agent who supports his career. The focus for some time to a career in television series and won roles in several sitcoms.

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In 1983, Tom Hanks is involved in casting of the romantic comedy "Splash". It is so good that the director hired him for the lead. The film met with great success and Tom Hanks rose from shadow to light. He became the darling of the directors who hired him to play in several comedies like "The Palace Folie", "Big", etc.. In 1988 he married Rita Wilson, with whom he has two children born in 1990 and 1995. On a professional level, Tom Hanks directs his career to roles less light than in its debut in 1993 and its interpretation of a gay lawyer in "Philadelphia" which won him the Oscar for Best Actor. The following year it was through "Forrest Gump" that he gets the same reward. Over the roles he plays, Tom Hanks became the most prolific actor in film history with the sum of three billion dollars at the box office. It must be said that the list of its success is enormous, ranging from "Saving Private Ryan" to "Da Vinci Code" through "The Terminal" or "Angels and Demons". Nothing can stop eating this work which has five films in its plans for 2010/2011.

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