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Hadise, her name is Hadise Acikgoz, was born on 22 October 1985 in Mol (Belgium) to parents of Turkish origin. Passionate about music and singing, she is cast in the first season of the show Idool 2003. Eliminated in the quarter finals, she is contacted by a producer who offered him to record a single. In late 2004 Hadise released his first single "Sweat" will know a good success and allow the girl to save the other two titles, "Milk Chocolate Girl" and "Stir Me Up". Both tracks captivate the public in Belgium and Turkey and may Hadise released her first album ( "Sweat") in 2005.

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In 2006, the presentation provides Hadise for Turkish TV channel, the show "Popstar." In 2008, she released her second album which contains the same musical foundation that the previous mix of R'n'B and pop Turkish. That same year 2008, she became presenter for a Belgian television broadcast of the "X-Factor". Sharing his life between Turkey and Belgium, Hadise participate in 2009 Eurovision Song Contest which was completed in fourth position. It comes as a result of this competition two albums, "Fast Life" and "Kahraman" his first album sung entirely in Turkish.

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