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Grégoire was born on 3 April 1979. Child, he learned piano and, with the help of his brother, several titles of the Beatles. Teenager, he saoule music and likes to imitate Elton John, Jean-Jacques Goldman, or David Bowie. But imitation does not soon enough, he wrote and composed his first song for a girlfriend. The virus makes the music his work, Gregory is a singer. It goes after his studies, more to please his parents than conviction, then galley of small rooms for good. His perseverance to acquire some experience and Grégoire recorded a demo that will present on the Internet.

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Supported by many users, it will be able to realize his dream of recording his first album: "You + Me". The success of the "You + Me" is immediate and climbed on top of Grégoire hits. The rest of the album was cut in the same vein, light melodies and poetic lyrics promise a bright future to Grégoire.

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