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Ashley Greene was born February 21, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida (France). Teenager, she modeled for a clothing store in his town, but she dreams of coming actress. In 2004, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in modeling for an agency. In parallel to this work Ashley Greene spends castings. In 2005, she landed her first role in the television series "Punk'd" and the following year in "Crossing Jordan" and "Desire." The first step before the cameras allow him to get noticed and in 2008, Ashley Greene is hired to play the role of Alice Cullen in the saga "Twilight".

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The success of the film is enormous and Ashley Greene finds himself elevated to the rank of star alongside Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It retains, however, the head on his shoulders and did not focus his career on the success of "Twilight." In 2009, she committed to play in at least four other films ( "Warrior", "Skateland", etc..). It remains the series that made me a big audience and will be in theaters in "Twilight, Chapter III: Eclipse" in 2010 and "Twilight, Chapter IV: Revelation" in 2011. What happiness for the many fans of the beautiful brunette.

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