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The Fall Out Boy, from Chicago, was born from the meeting in 2001 of Patrick Stump (vocals / guitar), Andrew Hurley (drums), Joseph Trohman (guitar) and Pete Wentz (bass / vocals). The group delivers a pop rock in the style of the group Green Day, Descendents and The Smiths and will quickly make its way in the musical landscape of Chicago. In 2002 released the first album, is whether the success is quite confidential, it enables Fall Out Boy to wear on stage.

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In 2005 the album "From Under The Cork Tree" will really launch the careers of the group in the U.S. since the album ranks in the top 10 sales of albums. The group confirms all the good that we think of him with "Infinity On High" in 2007 and several singles will reach the top hits. Fall Out Boy (FOB for short) arrives to renew on each new album rock and their latest opus as "Humor A Deux," released in late 2008 confirms thirteen tracks all the good we think of them.

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