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Zac Efron, her name is Zachary, was born on 18 October 1987 in San Luis Obispoen California (USA). He took his first singing lessons at the age of eleven years and goes up on stage shortly afterwards to interpret a musical. This is the clicks, Zac decided to become an actor. But many candidates and elected officials are rare. From 2002, he multiplies small roles in numerous series ( "Firefly," "Emergency," "The Protector") and also some films. In 2006, he became the first TV movie role of "High School Musical" alongside the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens. The success is amazing and the couple on the screen as the city is known celebrity.

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Zac is promoting the film by participating in numerous concerts and became the darling of teenage girls. He managed not to be confined to the role of Troy Bolton and turns in other films: "A Heart Winner", "Hairspray" before returning in 2007 for the second part of "High School Musical". In 2008, producers of the series decided to release the third episode of "High School Musical" Zac to the film and will travel the world to promote the film. It buzzes with vision for the future and will be in 2009/10 to the poster of "17 Again" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 4". A bright future looks good for the kid.

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