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Thomas Dutronc was born on 16 June 1973 in Paris (France) of the famous couple, the singer Françoise Hardy and the singer and actor Jacques Dutronc. However, the young Thomas is not very young attracted by the music. He begins to learn the guitar at the age of eighteen years discovering Django Reinhardt. He quickly took the game and will play flea Saint-Ouen with the best jazz manouche. This learning on the ground will allow it to acquire an effective style of play. In 1995, he worked with his father on the album "Brief Encounters", and in 2000 he wrote a song for Henri Salvador on the album "Chambre Avec Vue".

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Thomas Dutronc composed soundtracks for numerous films and in parallel, a group with which it circles throughout France. It was after this tour he will choose to save the album as a Manouche Sans Guitare "in late 2007. Thomas Dutronc will be as a singer with his texts filled with humor and freshness and as more music is good, this first album is a true success.

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