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Pete Doherty, his name is Peter, was born on 12 March 1979 in Hexham (United Kingdom). Son of military, he will follow his father to the four corners of Europe: Germany, France, Cyprus. This situation does not allow it to settle and he has great difficulty being accepted by others. He finds refuge in writing and even won an award for one of his poems. His other passion, music, leads to meet Carl Barat, with whom he will form the rock band "The Libertines". The group will create a sensation with his music but also because of the pranks that Pete drug exchange girlfriend at a crazy speed ((among other Kate Moss), will rob the apartment of Carl Barat, fight with him not participate in the tour group, etc.

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Yet, only two albums ( "Up The Bracket" in 2002 and "The Libertines" in 2004) The Libertines became a legendary group and will ensure its future to Pete. Since 2005 he founded the band "Babyshambles". In the same vein as his previous group, the Babyshambles deliver a rock without concessions on the albums "Down in Albion" in 2005 and "Shotter's Nation" in 2007. Both albums will be ranked both in the top ten sales in the UK, proving that all that Pete Doherty touches turns to gold. In 2009, Pete Doherty released his first solo album, a new success? Undoubtedly.

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