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The Dixie Chicks is a group born from the meeting by Emily Robison, Martie Maguire Laura Lynch and Robin Lynn Macy in 1989 in Dallas, Texas (United States). Thereafter Laura Lynch and Robin Lynn Macy left the group and Natalie Maines will form the final trio. Although the group released three albums in the early ninety-ten, the pain to come forward. It was not until the arrival of Natalie Maines in 1995 that the trio took a new start. Country music pop Dixie Chicks eventually succeed with the title "I Can Love You Better" from the album "Wide Open Spaces" in 1998.

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This album will sell more than ten million copies and will give her first Dixie Chicks Grammy Awards in the Best Country Album. Throughout the album the group's reputation is becoming increasingly important and the Dixie Chicks became the second group of women over the seller, any kind confused. In 2007, the three girls won four Grammy Awards (Best Song, Best Album, Best Single and Best Country Album) with the album "Taking the Long Way." After a long tour, the three girls take a break to compose the title of a new album which should be published shortly.

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