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Alela Diane, whose real name Menig Alela Diane, was born on 20 April 1983 in Nevada City, California (USA). A musician his parents must love music and the child if she sang in a choir, it was only belatedly that the fine will go into the profession. In 2004, when she learns the separation of her parents, she almost made up in one title of the album "The Pirate's Gospel". In this album she tells her life and how it will build it now. Alela Diane is seen with his self-produced album by a record company which will allow it to record the final version of the album in 2006.

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Psychedelic folk music of Alela Diane and purity of her voice cracking are the public and especially the criticism that considers "The Pirate's Gospel" as one of the best albums of the year. In 2008, having lent his voice to an album of ten times folk "The Silence of Love", Alela Diane work on his second studio album "To Be Still" coming out early 2009. A mixture of American and Irish folk, this second opus confirms the talent of the young woman and is still a bright prospect of listening.

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