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Esmée Denters was born September 28, 1988 at Westervoort (Netherlands). She has been singing since she was a child with his father and sister. In 2006, she filmed with a webcam and distributes its videos on the Internet. The quality of his work done quickly about it and Esmée Denters became extremely popular in his country, but also the United States. In 2007, Justin Timberlake decided to sign on his label. Esmée Denters provides the first part of the European tour of Justin Timberlake and recorded some tracks including the single "Crazy Place" which received a good reception from the public in 2007. Esmée working on recording her first album "Outta Here" which was released in 2009. His music, a mixture of pop, electro, dance and R'n'B meeting immediately a good success in the United States.

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