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Ilse DeLange was born on 13 May 1977 in Almelo (Netherlands). She made her first steps as an artist at age 8 by making the lip synchronization of other artists. Thereafter, it really starts in the song and will participate in regional and national competitions that will enable it to demonstrate his talents. In 1994, she participates in the Dutch Country Music Awards and although it was acclaimed by the public, her career not taking off. It was not until 1998 that success came at last. That year, Ilse DeLange to record in Nashville, the mythical city of country music.

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The album "World Of Hurt" will meet a huge success in Holland. His zest for life and constant good humor combined with her beauty Ilse make a spoil of Holland. It enchaine recordings, mini-tours and television passages to the point of breaking his way and be forced to a rest period. She is back in 2003. With his partner, drummer Bart Vergoossen, she spent nine months in the USA to write and record the album "Clean Up". More pop, more rock, Ilse continues to evolve his music and in the following albums will confirm his talent. "The Great Escape" in 2006 and "Incredible" in 2008 faced a level of success and platinum.

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